How Ecommerce Platforms Become Integrated Ecosystems

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How Ecommerce Platforms Become Integrated Ecosystems Infographic Text:

Dominant platforms understand culture and scale through data driven innovation

Ecommerce brand building

In the innovation age ecommerce competes with social platforms for screen time

  • Culture – understanding customer mindset
  • Fun – creating engaging platforms
  • Analytics – capturing entire customer journeys

Success ecommerce understands local culture, is customer-centric and injects fun throughout the customer journey

Scaling through insights

  • Data
  • AI
  • Relevance
  • Customisation

Data – “the new oil” – is only as useful as the systems in place to convert data into engaging user-experiences

Cultivating the Ecosystem

  • Develop innovative technology solutions – leaders must continuously develop new technology solutions to deepen customer-behaviour understanding
  • Seamless integration – platforms drive integration across their products and services to deliver greater value to customers
  • Barriers to exit – seamless ecosystems provide frictionless user-experiences creating customer delight