Brand Enforcement Services

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Brand Enforcement Services Infographic Text:

Brand assets & IPR protection guarding entire digital supply chain

Full coverage brand piracy protection

  • Domain names – recover high value domain names and deactivate infringing domains causing customer confusion
  • Data leaks – rapid removal of leaked trade secrets and confidential information by focusing on the source of dissemination
  • Pirate commerce – suspend infringing listings from a global database of marketplaces, counterfeit webstores, and pirate sites
  • Phishing attacks – put an end to phishing attacks exploiting brand assets to target your customers
  • Social media – terminate infringing social media accounts to prevent dilution of your most visible marketing channel
  • Abusive advertising – protect against ads from abusive competitors ensuring your voice is clear and authoritative over the noise
  • Mobile apps – remove infringing mobile apps from all distribution channels to guard against low install rates of official apps

Specialist Enforcement Team

  • Market leading success rates from the ‘Takedown-Staydown’ experts
  • Remediate threats with experts ready to initiate Real Time Enforcement
  • Target sources of brand piracy through a full-spectrum investigative approach