Brand Safety & Digital Advertising

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Brand Safety Infographic Text

Digital advertising underwrites our everyday online user-experience

Brands must monitor compliance across the entire digital supply chain

Trust is the currency of branding

Global growth in digital advertising spend is expected to reach $517 billion by 2023

Digital advertising online harms and risks brands must guard against

Brands lose trust and face dilution when official marketing campaigns are surrounded by dangerous and harmful content including: terrorism, violence, abuse, sexually explicit content, hate speech, bullying, piracy, fake news etc.

Brands can safeguard reputation and financial performance by taking 5 steps:

1 – Take Control: brand safety cannot be outsourced or delegated to a third party. The stakes are too high. Vigilant brands take control of the situation and see greater ROI.

2 – Monitor Compliance: given the complexity in the advertising supply chain, ad campaigns must be monitored for compliance with results regularly audited and benchmarked.

3 – Build A Risk List: develop a risk matrix to score and monitor potential threats. Share the list with ad suppliers and ensure clear SLAs are in place to mitigate identified and potential risks.

4 – Collaborate: working with industry groups and alliances such as the Global Alliance for Responsible Media organised by the World Federation of Advertisers helps drive long-term change.

5 –Target Source: it is not enough to report non-compliance to ad suppliers or just suspend infringing ads. Brands must follow the infringement through to the source for actioning.

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